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Sunflower Seed Hopper Bottom Steel Silo Bins

Attached picture is Sunflower seed hopper bottom steel silo bins installed in Ukraine: There' re 6-3000t flat bottom silos for long time storage and hopper bottom silos for wet and dry silos short time storage, together with cleaning system and drying system. 200tons per hour for loading and...
Product Details:

Attached picture is Sunflower seed hopper bottom steel silo bins installed in Ukraine:

There' re 6-3000t flat bottom silos for long time storage and hopper bottom silos for wet and dry silos short time storage, together with cleaning system and drying system.

200tons per hour for loading and unloading system. There's truck loading silos.

Main technological parameter of TCZK07313

1、Model: TCZK07313

2、Diameter : 7.3m

3、Total height : 21.42m(-not include the foundation height )

4、Silo body height: 14.63m

5、Volume: 699m3

6、Size of sheet : 1175×2960mm

7、Size of corrugation: W=80mm,D=14mm

8、Bolt grade: 8.8grade(the surface is galvanized )

9、The thickness of roof plate: 0.8mm

10、There are 8pieces of steel plates for each ring, they are 13rings in total

There are 16pieces of external stiffeners and the spacing is 1.44m

11、The roof and body sheet are made of hot galvanized steel sheets in good quality. Other parts are painted after processing.

●Hopper Bottom silos in capacities from 10 tonnes to 2,000 tonnes

●Can be Gas Sealed for fumigation

●Insulation silo, stainless silo and welding silo are all available

Product description:

1. BODA hopper bottom steel silo series is specially designed by senior engineers in our company, with high-quality galvanizing board. 

2. Hopper angles can be 45° and 60°, among which 60° conical bottom is usually used to store larger pellet and powder materials with high viscosity. 

3. All BODA silos are precision engineered from high strength, 80mm x 14mm low profile corrugated steel plate, normally galvanized to 275 g/m2.

4. The life cycle of the silos can come up to 30-50 years long. The products are designed comply with the national standard of GB50322-2001.

5. BODA hopper bottom steel silos provide the best quality grain storage option available. Erection of the most popular 250t, 500t and 1,000t silos is straight forward, and can typically be completed in around 10 days per silo.


Specialities of Steel cone base: when the silo capacity is below 1500t and the diameter is below 12m, its base can make into steel cone base. steel cone base is composed of upright columns, annular girder, cone plates, tie pieces etc.

the upright columns are made of national standard I-shaped steel and I-shaped steel is the cone of the most widely used steel types in steel structure design and manufacturing. It has good structure stability and reliability.

Annular girder is shaped by channel steel and it has the function of supporting silo body, connecting columns and base plates. The cone base plates are completely precast. The connection screw bolts are GB8.8 grade standard parts.

All these make installation easy and convenient, and after installation the base is really good-looking, endurable, and reliable.


Introduction of Boda Company:

Founded in 1994,there are two factories for Zibo Boda Steel Silo Co., Ltd. One is located in Zichuan district of Zibo city, Shandong Province, which factory mainly produces accessories, while the other factory which lies in Zhangdian Economic and Development Zone is specalized in manufacturing steel silos. Boda comapy covers an area of 40000m2 and the workhouses are taken up 20000m2.Now there are 280 existing staff, meanwhile, the number of engineers are accounted for 15%.


We are professional manufacturer in producing assembly corrugated silos and accessories. Also have we got the right to import and export by ourselves and ISO Quality Management System Certification. A variety of specifications of steel silo projects can be offered by us, they are including foundation design, steel structure design and production, lifting system, conveying system, cleaning system, drying system, fluidization system, temperature system, full measuring system, fumigation system, ventilation system, automatic controlling system and other professional services in installing or debugging for silos and handling equipments.


Through years of unrelenting efforts, Boda company has built silos for many famous enterprises such as Sino-American Joint Venture Pioneer company ,American PURINA company, Korea company, Beijing Denong seed company, Beijing origin seed technology co., ltd., Liuhe co., ltd., Luhua group, Jiangsu vv group and so on. Until now, we have finished more than 1000 units for those well-known companies. Meanwhile, Our products are very popular in foreign countries. They are sold well in Australia,Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Sweden, Argentina, Fiji, Cuba, Honduras, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Egypt and other countries and regions.


Our products have caught up to the international levels in standardization, serialization and specialization. With the economical and good services, we have got high reputation from our customers both in home and aboard. General manger Mr. Jinggang Wan welcomes friends from all over the world to our company for friendship and business. Our company focus on customer’s demanding and promote BODA brand as a goal. With our sincere and diligence, Boda would like to make more progress with your hands for contributing to Chinese even world’s storage business.


Our Services:

Manufacture: Zibo Boda Steel Silo Co., Ltd. fabrication lines incorporate latest technologies, and equipment is constantly being updated. Approximately 85% of the production equipment is CNC machining. High capacity automated production lines incorporating latest technologies lays the foundation for constantly increasing finished product quality and controlling manufacturing costs by achieving economies of scale.


Packing and Shipping: In bulk in shipping containers.

image008.jpg image010.jpg

Installation: 1) Offer assembly drawing to users. 2) To guide the installation. We can send one supervisor to guide the installation. The buyer is responsible for the expense including visas, round-trip air fare, phone, room and board, transports, insurance, translator, working license and other expenses which may be happened on the installation site.

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Warranty: The seller provide a warranty period of 12 calendar months commencing from the date on which the goods were arrived at buyer's port. In the event of any defect, fault or failure in any of the goods caused by failure of materials or workmanship during the warranties, such defect or fault shall be rectified by the seller at his own cost. There shall be no warranty in the event that the equipments are not erected and/or not commissioned within 12 calendar months after all the goods arriving at the buyers port.


Our major overseas market:


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