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Sorghum Hopper Bottom Storage Silo Bins

Attached picture is showing sorghum hopper bottom silo bins: Features of Such silos: ●Automatic-flow unloading, save resources and costs, ● Hopper angles can be 45° and 60°; ● easily to be installed. ● Do not need a serious concrete, labor and energy cost; ● less grain residues in steel grain...
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Attached picture is showing sorghum hopper bottom silo bins:


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Features of Such silos:

●Automatic-flow unloading, save resources and costs, 

●Hopper angles can be 45° and 60°; 

●easily to be installed. 

●Do not need a serious concrete, labor and energy cost; 

● less grain residues in steel grain silo;

● Hopper structure prevents loss of time and money during the unloading period.

●Hopper Bottom silos in capacities from 10 tonnes to 2,000 tonnes

● Complete grain storage, aeration, temperature monitoring, level indicating, cleaning, drying, other handling and processing systems available. Elevators and conveyor systems from 10 t/hr to 1,000 t/hr

●Foundation: Foundation and baseplates shall be made by users. Boda will supply baseplates distribution drawings.

●Installation: The company has dedicated professional engineering team and there are installation engineers and technicians, security supervisors, quality inspectors in each team; Two (2) forms of installation are for your reference both in domestic and foreign. For one thing, we are in charge of the whole project (turnkey project), for the other, we are to guide the installation.  That is Boda company will send 1-2 engineering and technical personnel on-site for guidance, so the user shall install silos by themselves using the installation tool user-owned.

● Package: be put into containers in bulk and fixed by steel wire.

●Delivery terms:EXW-BODA factory, FOB Qingdao, CIF appointed port, CFR appointed port.

●Payment:T/T, L/C

●Guarantee: BODA provides a warranty (guarantee) period of 12 calendar months commencing from the date of putting the goods into operation but not more than 18 months from the date of the last consignment. 

Specialities of Steel cone base: when the silo capacity is below 1500t and the diameter is below 12m, its base can make into steel cone base. steel cone base is composed of upright columns, annular girder, cone plates, tie pieces etc.

the upright columns are made of national standard I-shaped steel and I-shaped steel is the cone of the most widely used steel types in steel structure design and manufacturing. It has good structure stability and reliability.

Annular girder is shaped by channel steel and it has the function of supporting silo body, connecting columns and base plates. The cone base plates are completely precast. The connection screw bolts are GB8.8 grade standard parts.

All these make installation easy and convenient, and after installation the base is really good-looking, endurable, and reliable.


Main Features:

 1. High strength: The hopper bottom silo wall is reinforced by vertical stiffener and occluded by screw beam. It has great strength and good resistance to wind, earthquake and snow.
2. Good sealing function: Crimping and seaming of five-layer spiral steel plates ensures airproof, so our hopper bottom steel silo can be used to store construction materials such as cement, gypsum, fly ash and slag, as well as liquids.
3. Long working life: 25-50 years, achieved by best combination of plates of different thickness for steel silo body.
4. Nice appearance: The steel silo roof is subulate and is not easy to accumulate dust or water. The grain steel silo is shining and observable with silvery lines.


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