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Malt Galvanized Steel Silo Storage System Used for Beer Company

Complete equipments of installing malt silos 1. Steel storage silo(roof degree:30): 50t-10000t. There're roof vents, manhole, outside ladders, inside ladders, square silo door and platform. The silo roof and body sheets sheets are made of hot dip galvanized sheets in good quality, zinc...
Product Details:

Malt Galvanized Steel Silo Storage System Used For Beer Company

Complete equipments of installing malt silos storage system

1. Steel storage siloroof degree30):

  50t-10000t. There're roof vents, manhole, outside ladders, inside ladders, square silo door and platform. The silo roof and body sheets sheets are made of hot dip galvanized sheets in good quality, zinc plated by 275g/m2.

2. Blocked and rotary level indicator:  to indicate if the silo is full or empty

3. Ventilation system: include fan, ventilation pipes/planks, circular ducts(this part could be painted or galvanized, for hopper bottom sheets only)

4. Temperature monitoring system: to indicate if the material stored in a safety condition. Include temperature cables, sensors and thermoscope

5. Roof electric valve: painted or galvanized

6. Discharge manual valve: painted or galvanized

7. Roof catwalk: be suitable for above two silos discharged by roof conveyor. Painted or galvanized. Flow pipes:  usually for one or two silos

8. Roof catwalk supportAssembly, painted or hot dip galvanized

9. Conveying system: 10t-150t/h. roof chain conveyor or discharge chain

conveyor(discharge belt conveyor is for your choice), painted or galvanized

10. Elevator: 10t-150t/h. Always equipped with vertical tower to support elevator, also convenient for people climbing up for equipments’ maintenance.

11. Cleaning system and dust collector system: to remove the impurities away.

12. Drying system: to dry wet material into a safety stored moisture.

13. Electricity controlling system: Could be supplied by BODA or users buy it themselves. Electricity in China: 380V,3phase-4wire. Different requirement from customers can be satisfied. If we offer this part, we take charge of control panel and related load ancillary equipments only,  power systems shall be provided by the users

Choose equipments you required, contact us to complete the design.


Features of Flat bottom silos:

Advantage: It is popular with its simple structure, large capacity,various ways of unloading. Easy for maintenance and repair; There are many ways of unloading, such as multi-spot unloading, sweep auger and manual cleaning etc.

Disadvantage: Complex foundation construction, the cost of this part shall be higher; More grain residues on steel grain silo bottom.

Delivery arrangement and Installation:


IInstallation: to guide the installation//send installation team//supply assembly drawing.


Details of BODA steel silo

Our General manager, Mr Wan Jinggang is one of engineer who studied the first assembly silo imported from America, he is an senior engineer, so every details being taken seriously during our production processes, providing high quality products to our customers is our principle all the time.

About Us
BODA Silo company has about 20 years of experience in steel silo engineering and various material storage technology research, development, related product sales, service&production.

We are adhering to the "honest, winning with quality" business philosophy, with advanced development idea. We are with excellent quality, superior technology, best service, based on China, facing the world, to provide advanced technology for our customers.
What can we provide?
5-12000tons flat-bottom and hopper-bottom steel silo including ancillary system:
Cleaning/dust-collecting/measurement system
Conveying system
Drying system
Level-indicating system
Thermal monitoring system
Ventilation system
Circulation fumigation system
Control system
Steel structure 

Why choose us?
1. We have an excellent team with more than 20 years' experience in silo construction.
2. As one of the largest silo manufacturing company, we have introduced over 20 sets of processing units, and production capacity reaches 1 million tons per year.
3. BODA can provides a turn-key project from consultation, design, civil work, production, gold pre-sales, sales, after-sales service.
4. We have professional team for engineering with many years' experience engaged in silo manufacturing, engineering installation and management, making our overall quality improved constantly.

Our products have passed ISO9001 in 2008.
With our professional experienced technical team, we have lots of experience in overseas projects, and earned many certifications and patented design.

If you want a more competitive price and more information about our steel silo, welcome to contact us!




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