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5000m3 Flat Bottom Storage Galvanized Steel Silo

Main technical parameters of 5000m3 Flat bottom silos: 1. Model:TCK18316 2. Diameter:18.334m 3. Total height:23.35m (not include the foundation height) 4. Silo body height:17.99m 5. Volume:5215m3 6. Size of sheet:1175×2960mm 7. Size of corrugation:W=80mm,D=14mm 8. Bolt grade:8.8grade (the...
Product Details:

BODA 5000mm3 Flat Bottom Galvanized Storage Steel Silo

Main technical parameters of 5000mm3 Flat bottom silos:

1. Model:TCK18316

2. Diameter:18.334m

3. Total height:23.35m (not include the foundation height)

4. Silo body height:17.99m

5. Volume:5215mm3

6. Size of sheet:1175×2960mm

7. Size of corrugation:W=80mm,D=14mm 

8. Bolt grade:8.8grade (the surface is galvanized)

9. The thickness of roof plate:0.8mm

10. There are 20 pieces of steel plates for each ring, they are 16 rings in total.

11. There are 60 pieces of interior vertical stiffeners and the spacing is 0.96m.

12. The roof and body sheet are made of hot galvanized steel sheets in good quality. Other parts are painted after processing.

The advantages of ZIBO BODA STEEL SILO CO., LTD:

l  More than 20years Steel Silo Engineering experience and rich expertise;

l  Steel Silo Wide storing capacity range, 5~10000 tons, the silo’s diameter ranges from 1.8 to 32 meters;

l  Effective global Steel Silo sales & services network;

l  Steel Silo For storing wheat, feedstuff, corn, sawdust, wooden chips, PE pellets, rice etc., large capacity;

l  Preferable price with best quality; 275g/mm2, 350g/mm2, 450g/mm2 zinc-coated silos are available, silo have a life cycling of more than 20years;

l  3D design for exact installation on-site;

l  BODA company can supply foundation design, steel structure design and production, lifting system, conveying system, cleaning system, drying system, fluidization system, temperature system, full measuring system, fumigation system, ventilation system, automatic controlling system and other professional services in installing or debugging for silos and handling equipments etc.



Features of Flat bottom silos:

Silo: the silo wall sheets are corrugated that is made of high quality galvanizing board; the sheets are bolted together by common or high strengthen bolts. The thickness of silo wall is designed according to the strength theory, which makes the whole wall can afford even swelling tension. At the same time, the interior vertical stiffeners can afford the vertical friction. It is 0.96m between every two stiffeners, the cutting face is in the shape of "Z", and there are spherical waterproof washers in the bolts' hole and water proof mastic bars between every two pieces of silo sheet. The handle equipments can make it more convenient to maintenance and unloading, such as silo doors, interior and exterior ladder and protecting net.

Radial beam silo roof support system: the roof is made of galvanizing board that is 0.8mm thick, and bolts are with galvanizing die. There are special equipments on the silo roof such as 4 sets of natural vents, one set of manhole, roof ladders, and secure cages and so on.

The main parts of the silo bin and roof are made of galvanizing board or spares which can make silo become even more steady and durable with longer life time, which is good to realize automatic work.

Advantage: It is popular with its simple structure, large capacity,various ways of unloading. Easy for maintenance and repair; There are many ways of unloading, such as multi-spot unloading, sweep auger and manual cleaning etc.

Disadvantage: Complex foundation construction, the cost of this part shall be higher; More grain residues on steel grain silo bottom.

Application: Boda galvanized corruaged steel silo series are widely used in various industrial lines such as grain depot, farm, wooden pellets, sawdust, plastic pellet, seed, flour, starch, oil, feed, water storage, alcohol, wine, port, chemistry and so on, which are the very equipments for storage of granular and powder materials.

Basic Characteristics of silos:

Performance: Shockproof, Fireproof, Pest Control, Airtight, Ventilation, Moisture proof, Customized

Type: Assembly or Bolted

Material: Galvanized Steel

Zinc coated thickness: 275-450g/mm2

Capacity: As required

Using Life: at least 25years according to GB50322-2011 standard

Trademark: BODA

Specification: customized

HS Code: 730900000

Construction Conditions: Prefabricated

Shape: Hopper Bottom Silos or Flat Bottom Silos

Usage: Storage, mainly used for grain or other granular material's storage

Maintenance: Easy

Certificate: ISO, CE, Australia standard, customized

Transport Package: Standard Export Container

Origin: Zibo, Shandong, China

Could be movable: Yes

Easy maintenance: low cost

All silos include

Boda silo itself includes these components that come free of charge (the silo diameter should be equal to or more than 5.5m)

●  Roof Natural vents

● Roof guardrail

●  Roof manhole

●  Roof ladders

●  Silo door

●  Silo door platform

● Inside and outside ladders on silo body






Roof degree



More   storage volume Less storage volume

Roof sheet

One   complete piece, corrugated edge

Be devided into two or   three pieces
Better   for waterproof and easy for sealing Must be pay more attention   for connection sealing

Roof natural vents

There’s   gooseneck radian

There’s no   gooseneck radian
Better   for waterproof

Level indicator position

Roof   cover plate

1st ring of body   sheet
More   storage volume Less storage volume

Width of body sheet


Economic   material usage Waste material

Ventilation planks

Be made   of galvanized sheet

Be made of steel plate,   painted
Safer and   cleaner for grain storage Paint is easy to be taken   off


Be made   of galvanized sheet

Be made of steel plate,   painted or galvanized


Shaft   mounted reducer

(hardened reducer)

cycloidal pin-wheel reducer

Chain   conveyor

Shaft   mounted reducer

(hardened reducer)

cycloidal pin-wheel reducer

New design innovation:



BODA Silos available in Hopper Bottom or Flat Bottom designs

●Hopper Bottom silos in capacities from 10 tonnes to 2,000 tonnes

●Flat Bottom silos in capacities from 50 tonnes to 10,000 tonnes


●Can be Gas Sealed for fumigation

●Insulation silo, stainless silo and welding silo are all available

●Complete grain storage, aeration, temperature monitoring, level indicating, cleaning, drying, other handling and processing systems available. Elevators and conveyor systems from 10 t/hr to 300 t/hr




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