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1000tons Flat Bottom Storage Galvanized Steel Silo

Main technical parameters of 1000t Flat bottom silos, the grain density is calculated as 0.75t/m3: 1. Model:TCK11012 2. Diameter:11.0m 3. Total height:16.75m (not include the foundation height) 4. Silo body height:13.51m 5. Volume:1384m3 6. Size of sheet:1175×2960mm 7. Size of...
Product Details:

1000tons Flat Bottom Storage Galvanized Steel Silo To Store Wheat Corn Maize Or Other Granular Grain

Main technical parameters of 1000t Flat bottom silos, the grain density is calculated as 0.75t/mm3:

1. Model:TCK11012

2. Diameter:11.0m

3. Total height:16.75m (not include the foundation height)

4. Silo body height:13.51m

5. Volume:1384mm3

6. Size of sheet:1175×2960mm

7. Size of corrugation:W=80mm,D=14mm 

8. Bolt grade:8.8grade (the surface is galvanized)

9. The thickness of roof plate:0.8mm

10. There are 12 pieces of steel plates for each ring, they are 12 rings in total.

11. There are 36 pieces of interior vertical stiffeners and the spacing is 0.96m.

12. The roof and body sheet are made of hot galvanized steel sheets in good quality. Other parts are painted after processing.


Features of Flat bottom silos:

Advantage: It is popular with its simple structure, large capacity,various ways of unloading. Easy for maintenance and repair; There are many ways of unloading, such as multi-spot unloading, sweep auger and manual cleaning etc.

Disadvantage: Complex foundation construction, the cost of this part shall be higher; More grain residues on steel grain silo bottom.


Boda Silo features:

1. Roof degree: 30°instead of 25°, enlarge the storage capacity;

2. Once piece of roof sheet instead of several sections, better for sealing and easy for installation;

3. New type roof vents, effective waterproof function;

4. Install level indicator position on the roof sheets, enlarge the storage capacity;

5. Galvanized ventilation planks, antirust, clean and have a long service life.


Company introduction:

260 workers, 40000m2 workshop, CNC production equipments, more than 15 years experience focusing on steel silos, Yieh Phui or HBIS brand 275g/m2 galvanized steel, ISO 9001:2008, three hours reach Qingdao port.





Exporting markets


Mainly cooperation companies:

Cargill Group                           www.cargill.com

Purina Feed Co.,Ltd                     www.purinafeed.com

Chia Tai Group                          www.cpgroup.cn

China National Seed Group Co.,Ltd        www.chinasseeds.com.cn

New Hope&Liuhe Co.,Ltd                 www.newhopeagri.com

New Hope Group Co.,Ltd                 www.newhopegroup.com

East Hope Group Co.,Ltd                 www.easthope.cn

Tangrenshen Group Co.,Ltd               www.trsgroup.com.cn

Gansu Dunhuang Seed Co.,Ltd            www.dhseed.com

Shandong Denghai Seeds Co.,Ltd          www.denghai.com

Gansu Longping High-tech Co.,Ltd         www.gslpht.com

Shandong Pacific Zhonghui Group Co.,Ltd   www.ytzh.cn

Shandong Guangfeng Seed Science

and Technology Co.,Ltd                   www.gfseed.com

Guangdong Haid Group Co.,Ltd            www.haid.cn

Qingdao Jiulian Co.,Ltd                   www.qdjiulian.com

Beijing Doneed Seeds Co.,Ltd             www.bjdoneed.com

Beijing Origin Agritech Limited             www.originseed.com.cn

Well Hope Agri-tech Co.,Ltd               www.wellhope-ag.com

Yang Xiang Group                       www.yangxiang.com

Gushen Biological Technology

Group Co.,Ltd                           www.gsjt.com

Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology Co.,Ltd      www.luzhoufood.com


After-sale service and quality wanrranty:

●Offer assembly drawing for users to guide the installation

Guarantee: BODA provides a warranty (guarantee) period of 12 calendar months commencing from the date of putting the goods into operation but not more than 18 months from the date of the last consignment.

Why you should choose BODA Team:

● We are a manufacturer

●  More than 20 years experiences in steel silo business

● One stop solution for you

●  Reliable quality, get certificate of iso9001 in 2008

●  Competitive price based on good quality product

●  Meet your different demand via reprocessing

●  3D design for exact installation on-site

● Excellent service at any time

●  Short delivery time

●  Long mutual beneficial business cooperation

Our boss, Mr Wan Jinggang is one of engineers who studied the first assembly silo imported from America,

and the only one who still working for silo storage system among of them until now. He is an senior engineer and be quite strict to products quality, etc. Based on our experience and so many years' well-known reputation, we will supply you reliable quality goods. Based on our experience, we believe we can supply you a better guidance on storage system.

Establish trust, Here we are waiting for you.  image009(001).jpg







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