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Steel Plate Warehouse Manufacturers To Introduce The Basic Investment
Dec 21, 2016

The basic investment of the steel plate store was built on the quicksand of poor geology, accounting for 34% of the total investment. If the construction of the geological soft, as long as not quicksand, the basic investment does not exceed 15% of the library. If it is sand to lower cost. Different areas according to different set reserves of the amount of supplies and transportation costs into the plant after the total expenditure, plus 30% to 40% of the tools, welding rod, anti-rust paint and construction costs, the basic cost of the investment can be regarded as the library. Since the establishment of the company welcomed by the majority of customers. In particular, the patented technology of large steel silos not only filled the gaps in the domestic market, but also is an ideal storage equipment with large reserves, short investment period, short construction period and perfect matching in the world. Storage of cement continuous along the slope of the tiled overlay, so that different layers of storage time uniform distribution of cement. Before the storage, through the bottom of the annular gasification tube, in turn alternating inflatable, so that high-density deposition of cement gasification in the gas mixture, until the formation of fluidized state, through the library feed inlet, Packaging or bulk