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Introduction To The Development Of Steel Warehouse
Dec 21, 2016

The country steel silo technology in the food industry application and development started late. In 1982, Heilongjiang Province, Honghe farm from the United States to introduce galvanized corrugated plate assembly type steel warehouse, is the earliest modern steel warehouse group. 80 years of the 20th century, China's steel warehouse construction has made unprecedented development. In accordance with the foreign advanced technology, design software, production standards, in the digestion and absorption on the basis of the innovation and development, began mass production, production of high-quality steel, Production, installation of assembly-type steel warehouse, so that the intensity of steel warehouse, performance, security has a reliability and steel warehouse as a product of a large number of exports, it represents China's current steel production, production, installation of international standards, is Gangzhan production and installation of the pilot. At present, the steel silo can be stored granular, powder, grain, oil, food, brewing, coal, building materials, industrial and agricultural areas, urban and rural areas and environmental protection industry and other fields are widely used.