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How To Deal With Fever Food?
Dec 21, 2016

Due to high moisture caused by the grain heap of heat, should first take mechanical ventilation, warehouse turn to the mechanical inverted position or grain cooler and other measures to reduce grain temperature, and then take ventilation, drying or drying and other measures to reduce moisture.

Due to the role of post-ripening caused by the grain heap heating, should be mechanical ventilation.

Due to pest and mite activity caused by grain heap heat, should be fumigated to kill pests and mites, and then ventilation cooling.

Due to local impurities caused by excessive grain heat, should first remove impurities.

③ grain heap of different parts of the heat, ventilation should be taken in what way?

Grain Heap of different parts of the different ways of ventilation. Generally speaking, the whole warehouse in the upper heating with pressure ventilation, in the lower heating with aspiration ventilation, partial heating of the grain heap can be single-tube ventilation.