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Hopper Bottom Galvanized Steel Silo used for Soya Meal
Apr 07, 2017

Product Detail

soya meal silo.jpgzhuidi.jpg

Product Description
This silo is special designed to store soya meal, used for Feed Mill. These silos and handing equipments are installed for Shandong Teamgene Feed Co.,Ltd, Zibo, Shandong, China.
  1. Silo capacity: 300t and 400t;

  2. Silo diameter: 6.417m or 7.334m;

  3. Hopper bottom degree: 70;

  4. Silo roof degree: 30;

  5. Bottom discharging: be helped discharging with a special screw auger

  6. ......

For more details, please contact via bodaft02@zbboda.cn or +15589300619.