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Comparison Of Advantages Of Steel
Dec 21, 2016

First, the overall performance is good, long life. In the construction process, the steel silo [3] is completely constructed by the special equipment. During the rolling process, the outer wall of the bunk is bite into a spiral convex strip with 5 times thickness and 30mm-40mm wide, The carrying capacity of the body, so that the overall strength of steel warehouse, stability, shock resistance is better than other positions. In addition, according to the material storage materials Corrosion and grinding material strength requirements, the best selection of sheet metal ratio, making his normal life of 30-40 years. Far more than the life of other warehouses.

Second, air tight performance, wide use. Steel bunker as a result of bending equipment for bending warehouse, seams, in the process to ensure that any part of the quality of the body, so it is particularly good seal, you can store cement, fly ash, slag superfine powder Materials, building materials industry in a wide range of applications. Such as cement plants, power plants, grinding station.

Third, the construction period is short, low cost. Spiral seam steel plate warehouse site construction, warehouse roof ground installation. Construction of the construction of equipment, Li Po, bending line speed can reach 5 m / min, do not need to take scaffolding and other auxiliary facilities, and therefore a very short duration. The spiral bite plate steel silo is made of thin steel plate, the weight is only equivalent to the same capacity of reinforced concrete warehouse steel weight, greatly reducing the cost. In addition, because it can use two-layer bending method to the cylinder inside and outside two different materials bending, forming, can be greatly reduced for the chemical industry, environmental protection and other corrosive materials stored in the project cost.