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Characteristics Of Large Steel Silo
Dec 21, 2016

First, the design of advanced:

Diameter can be designed to 20-60 meters, with special needs can also increase. The ratio of height to diameter is generally between 1: 1.1 and 1: 1.5.

  Second, the unique structure: the body for the cylindrical, warehouse top and bottom of the ball for the lack of type, based on round barrels.

Third, the storage capacity: single storage capacity of 1-10 million tons.

Fourth, the advanced material system: a new pneumatic out of the library system, relying on pneumatic pressure will be transported to the designated location of the library materials.

Fifth, less investment: steel warehouse can not only save about 50% of the building materials, but also saves the land use area

Sixth, safe and reliable: airtight, and can be stored for a long time the performance of inconvenience materials.

Seven, energy conservation and environmental protection: in the storage and out of the process used in the installation of dust collection system, the surrounding environment will not cause pollution.

8, a wide range of uses: food, feed and other industries can be.