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To explain the characteristics of spiral steel silo
Dec 21, 2016

1. Spiral steel warehouse overall performance is good, long life: five times the thickness of the base material undercuts, greatly enhanced the load-bearing capacity of the body, its stability and strength life is better than other steel silo.

2.Spiral steel warehouse airtight, wide use: This special equipment bending forming mouth, sealing performance is particularly good, storage granular, powdery, grain to avoid external humidity on its materials, while Can meet the insecticidal, fumigation and other technological requirements, and can also be used for storage of liquid objects.

3. Spiral steel warehouse construction period is short, low cost: spiral steel silo silo body weight is equivalent to the same volume of concrete silo 1/6, greatly reducing the Jiancang cost of the basic costs, while construction period is very short (1,000 tons of storage, only 5 days or so)

4. Spiral steel warehouse covers an area of small, easy to manage: steel warehouse is better than other steel warehouse also in its height, diameter can be arbitrarily chosen in a wide range, granary spacing can be as small as 50cm, .