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The choice of the bottom form of the steel silo is extremely important for the cost of the foundation
Dec 21, 2016

The bottom of the steel plate warehouse is generally divided into two kinds of flat bottom and cone bottom form, from the perspective of technology and use, of course, to select the cone bottom warehouse is appropriate, because it has no grain, no clearance equipment and other advantages. However, from the economic point of view, the application of the cone bottom of the warehouse there are some limitations, practice has proved that the cone bottom warehouse is only applicable to the diameter of 11.9m below the capacity of not more than 1 500t project, greater than the diameter of the warehouse is based on The natural flow angle of the material is determined, the natural flow angle of the material is smaller, the height of the cone is larger, and the natural flow angle of the grain is generally about 40 degrees, so when the steel plate diameter is large, The upper beam of the structure is greatly increased. To 15m diameter of the bottom of the steel plate at the end of the cone, for example, in order to meet the equipment under the warehouse needs of the basic support structure on the ring beam height of at least 8m or more, plus the storage capacity, the whole warehouse material weight. Has been too high, the increase of the supporting structure, increase and the bottom of the warehouse structure changes, cone base storage costs than the same capacity flat bottom warehouse cost more than 40%.

Through the above analysis can be seen, when the steel silo diameter and storage capacity is large, the warehouse type of choice, the difference between the basic cost is obvious. Therefore, when the steel silo diameter> 11.9m, should be preferred to flat steel silo or warehouse backfill foundation, in the same meet the performance of the premise, can greatly reduce the cost of the project.