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Dec 21, 2016

Steel silos are made of galvanized steel sheet or corrugated steel plate, which can be divided into three types: welding type, assembling type and spiral type. 60 years later, thin-walled steel silos in the world to get rapid development, China began to build a large number of 80 years later.

The galvanized thin steel silo has the characteristics of light weight, low requirement for foundation, relatively low construction cost and short construction period. The advantages of standardization, automation, high mechanization, convenience of eating and high efficiency are very popular. But the warehouse wall is thin, grain deep, easy to cause condensation, sticky sample inspection difficulties, coupled with the warehouse do not pay attention to the tightness of the warehouse and other reasons, people began to doubt whether the safe storage of grain. In the ten years of the use of research and practice, gradually understand and solve these problems, the advantages of thin-walled steel warehouses to be recognized, especially from the 1970s onwards, has been developed in foreign countries, after the 1990s, Of the building has been an unprecedented development. With the development of "four scattered" grain management and the modernization of granary management, the steel warehouse will gradually become the main warehouse of bulk grain storage.