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Storage Characteristics of Six Individuals in Paddy
Dec 21, 2016

(1) Rice grain has complete protection of rice husk, and has certain resistance to the damage of insects and molds and to the effects of wet and heat. Therefore, the rice grain storage stability than the average finished grain is better.

(2) Jiangsu steel warehouse manufacturers: rice ripening period is short, easy to produce buds. Indica rice generally has no obvious ripening period, and the ripening period of japonica rice is only about 4 weeks. Rice germination of water required, compared with other food is the least, when the rice water content of 25% or more, as long as the temperature is appropriate, can germinate. Therefore, rice, whether in the fields, drying or storage after storage, as long as the rain, surface dew, moisture, the water content of 25% or more, that can germinate. Where the buds of rice, even if dried, its storability and nutritional quality and quality of food will also decline.