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One-stop solution for grains metal steel silo
Mar 30, 2017

As an experienced manufacturer of Assembly Grain Storage Steel Silo, Zibo Boda Steel Silo Co.,Ltd is the lead one in design innovation, quality and service. All our Grain Storage Steel Silo are produced in strict accordance with ISO 9001, and in the manufacturing process, we adopt latest computerized design and production technology to make sure that the final system is of superior quality and strength on-farm and other industrial grain storage solution.

We offer one-stop solution for customers on grain metal steel silo project.

Before silo installation, we send our staff to visit customers for checking foundation and on site installation condition.


Above picture is for going to install 4-1300t flat bottom wheat silos for a four mill in Huantai county, Zibo, 

Shandong. About twenty(20) kilometers from Boda factory.

Our flat bottom Grain Storage Steel Silo and hopper Grain Storage Steel Silo are manufactured according to latest grain storage technology. The upright stiffening system allow us to maximize bin strength under greatest stress with full efficient use of steel.

Our flat bottom Grain Storage Steel Silo and hopper Grain Storage Steel Silo adopt 275 Galvanized steel with thick zinc covered offering great resistance to corrosion and long coating life.

Our Grain Storage Steel Silo are designed and manufactured to provide integrity structure from top to bottom, so that it can bear the extra stress cause verity factor: Heavy wind and snow load, continuous working, huge temperature change and etc.

Computerized Manufacturing Process

The computer aided manufacturing process ensure cut precision which will lead to easy assemble, uniformity, tight seal at the connection.

1 (2).jpg

High strength sidewall sheet

The sidewall sheets for the Grain Storage Steel Silo are made from SGC340 galvanized steel plate which can provide long coating life for the Grain Storage Steel Silo. The 350Mpa yield strength, steel plates are rolled, multi-drilled in one time to make it much more stronger for the grain storage. The variable thickness of the sidewall plate will low the self-weight and cost of the grain bin but not affect the strength.

High Strength Bolts

Triple bolts for sidewall sheets vertical connection with high strength Grade 8.8, 10.9 Galvanized bolt to make the Grain Storage Steel Silo an enhanced structural integrity for grain storage and safety. That depends on silos capacity and installed place.

High Strength, Easily installed roof

Our Grain Storage Steel Silo roof has been designed for easier installation and overall strength. Latest Manufacturing equipment's working offer us the roof with precision dimension and drilling uniformity, which will be installed easily and faster. All roof panels are bolted to the enhanced radical roof structure to bear stress caused by elements: High wind, heavy snow, continuous use, catwalk, ladders and conveyors.