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Large steel warehouse performance structure is kind of how
Dec 21, 2016

However, with the storage of cement for a long time, if there is no external force to push, the flow rate is very low. Generally, it will not exceed 70%. The large-scale steel plate storehouse uses the special gasification unloading device which the gas fluidization and the pneumatic pipe union unifies, causes in the storehouse cement first to produce the fluidized condition, when the bottom plate discharges chute angle is bigger than the natural flow angle of the material, Flow discharge, and then through the central homogenization chamber for homogenization, by the transmitter and delivery

As a result of the large steel silo using the gas fluidization, gas homogenization, gas out of the transport integration design concept, that is, the principle of multi-purpose gas, you can save a lot of gas. Due to the longer cement storage period, the bulk density increased, the discharge of medium pressure air as the source of gas, the central area and the use of convection pipe Luo time low-pressure air source. Ton of cement gas homogenization, discharge, transportation comprehensive power consumption of 0.3 degrees, such as cement storage time is too long, the power consumption will be relatively increased.