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Introduction of new material for grain steel silo production
Dec 21, 2016

Grain silo manufacturers: As the market continues to increase efforts to develop varieties, Tang Gang products in the domestic steel plate library in the field of customers is also increasing. Under normal circumstances, the domestic steel silo users in the use of steel silo, the warehouse roof material thickness of 0.8mm, zinc layer thickness of not more than 200g / m2 can fully meet the normal use requirements. 275g / m2 zinc thickness of thin-walled structure of galvanized sheet prices higher, production is difficult, to promote and produce a certain degree of difficulty. In the process of production, the technical center and cold rolling department of Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., aiming at the difficulty of the production process due to the large thickness of coating and the fluctuation of the composition of zinc liquid, reduce the pressure of air knife, control the scraping amount of steel strip, To ensure that the product quality to meet the standards and user needs.