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Construction requirements of the flat-bottomed steel warehouse which?
Dec 21, 2016

Flat-bottomed steel silo warehouse equipment with bending warehouse bends, seams, in the process to ensure the quality of any part of the body, so its seal is particularly good. Can store cement, fly ash, slag ultrafine powder and other powder materials, in the building materials industry is widely used.

Flat steel warehouse in the construction process, entirely by special equipment construction, in the rolling process, the outer wall bite into a 5 times the thickness of the material, 30 mm -40 mm wide spiral convex, greatly enhanced the body Bearing capacity, so that the overall strength of steel warehouse, stability, seismic superior to other positions.

Warehouse Material Division of flat steel silo According to the requirements of storage materials against corrosion and grinding strength, use a good ratio of sheet metal, making his normal life of 30-40 years. Far more than the life of other warehouses.